Reiko and Peter have been an invaluable asset to our family. We met them three years ago through a mutual friend and have since used them in the design of two homes and the staging of one home we were selling. The results are incredible – we sold our home for a record sale price in a rapid time frame given the excellent staging work Reiko and her team did, and the homes we are designing are truly full expressions of who we are and what we want to create for our children. But beyond the outcomes, Reiko, Peter and the whole team bring an incredible service ethic and commitment to their work. They are truly on your side – a fully fledged partner every step of the way. We would recommend them to anyone seeking to create a powerful home life.

David and Charis Cooper
Westport, Connecticut

Reiko has been very helpful in arranging my homes and offices over the past 10 years to bring out the best energy so that we all feel comfortable and energized. Her advice is invaluable and I highly recommend her to anyone who knows or wants to see the positive effects of Feng Shui.

NR, New York


SUCCESS! Last fall you came to my new apartment to give me a full evaluation and the results have been nothing less than spectacular. I can’t thank you enough for the resulting abundance that has come my way. I would encourage anyone who is looking for more peace, serenity, and abundance in their lives to take full advantage of your incredible gifts.

Patrick J. Lappin
Executive Vice President and General Manager
The Hampshire House
150 Central Park South
New York, N.Y. 10019

Reiko, Your help was VERY much appreciated with the house. It sold within 2 weeks of being put on the market.

Dawn Fawler
Charlotte, North Carolina


My redesigned office is GREAT! I now have a waiting list of clients! THANK YOU!!! You really are a miracle maker Reiko, you should be on Oprah!

Lori Carr
Manhattan, Kansas

Hello Reiko,
Thanks! Thanks! And many thanks! This weekend had been fantastic business at the restaurant. My husband and I have many times discussed that it is good we did the feng shui analysis and received an expert’s advice.

Thanks once again, Warm regards.

Hetal Hemnani
Beijing, China

Everything is on point. I don’t know if she has been reading the tabloids, I don’t know if she is a little bit psychic, I don’t know if she is a psychiatrist or a feng shui expert…actually she is all those things in one.
Reiko is my new best friend, I love her!

Kimora Lee Simmons

Reiko, Thank you so much. Maybe for you I’m just another customer, but for me having found you at the right time of my life means everything. You may not know this but you are helping me find a new direction in my life.   Thank you so much.

Anateresa Sosa Perrie

Not only is working with you a sheer delight, but the results in our home and business have been exceptional! In our office, business has expanded, and nearly ALL of our patients (both new and long time) comment on how peaceful, healing and comforting our office feels as soon as they enter. Our home has also been transformed into an oasis of peace in which our whole family now sleeps longer and deeper.

Dr. Franklin Gilbert
Gilbert Chiropractic Office
146 Central Park West Suite 1D
New York, NY 10023

Reiko has done several projects with me. I only wish I’d met her earlier when I was building my office for my practice in New York. When I met her I needed to renovate my New York apartment to sell it. She helped me do a complete Feng Shui work-up and interior design. When we finished, I was able to sell my place within the record time of 2 months. This was back in 2008, just when the economy was crashing.

Now, fast forward to today, I’m about to buy a house in London over 3500 sq. ft. We’re doing a gut renovation to this Edwardian era house, and it’s going to be a huge job. Knowing Reiko is teaming with me to make this my dream home gives me such thrill and excitement. It’s going to feel so cozy and peaceful and it’s also going to look amazing. No one will want to leave when they visit!!!

Mary Anne W.
London, England

Hi Reiko
I have been religiously tracking the developments based on the Feng Shui initiatives that we had undertaken more than a years ago. Today, we have 125 people in the team and they have matured over a period of time and all geared to go in for the big jump. The business model is in shape and most importantly the market dynamics have changed which are directly in favor of our business model. VCs that had shied away earlier met us again since we now have our POC (Proof of Concept) in place…

Home front is far better – I am spending more time at home and I guess the GOD energy is very strongly supporting it!

Many thanks and regards.

Ashish Rahinj
Co-Founder & CEO
Broadengate Technologies Ltd

Greetings Reiko,
I must say that I am very pleased with the recommendations you made; there is a positive palpable change that has happened. Most of all, I feel that my life is opening with the changes that I have made. There is a sense of clarity, contentment and emerging abundance.

And have I told you how accurate your analysis is? For instance, there has historically been a few car accidents exactly at the corner you mentioned near our home. Thank you for your advice on how to create a safe and peaceful abode. Yes, Feng Shui works!

With gratitude,

Lali Weeks
New York, NY

Reiko, thank you. We took your advice a while ago and put a water feature outside our front entrance, and a few months later, Kevin got an offer for a newer, better paying job. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but It definitely makes me want to try more feng shui ideas! I would love to do a feng shui checkup.


Laurie Savo
Honolulu, Hawaii

Hi Reiko,

Thanks so much for all your help with the Feng Shui Analysis. It was a huge help understanding the “right” colors for each room. It’s funny how my son’s Ben’s favorite colors are orange and brown which turned out to be the “right” color choices for his room and you did not even know that when you did the analysis for his room!

And then when John and I talked to him about getting a “big boy” bed, all he kept asking for was “orange walls, orange curtains, and a brown bed!” … Too funny!! Well, guess what?!! … I think it’s working (knock on wood)!! I believe that re-decorating his room and changing his sleep direction has really helped improve his sleep! And (knock on wood again) but he has been sleeping in his new bed in his room, by himself, through the night so far .. It did take a few nights but we gradually got him there.

Take care and thanks again!

Linda Koisch

Hi Reiko,

I wanted to tell you that your suggestions last year were so helpful! I did all of my research about the house and the mortgage from the desk space you recommended and you were totally right: Joe and I found a wonderful house, at a great price with beautiful energy!  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Best regards

Kristin Mescall-Brown
New Jersey

Reiko knows what she’s talking about. I swear, one of the big reasons I got pregnant and a beautiful new apartment in the same year was because she paid me a visit and Shui’ed up our old pad

Jeseka Hahn

We had been ignoring our Catskills home for years and were planning on giving it a facelift when it was flooded by Hurricane Irene. And so, with Reiko‘s help, we did a major renovation. What is so amazing is that when Reiko transformed the house’s space, she also transformed us along with it!

I realize now that the openness and the light that Reiko infused into the house transferred itself to our lives, as well. We all feel more vibrant and alive since the renovation. We are having a lot more fun now — laughing and hosting more social events — and experiencing more joy, too- enjoying each other’s company more and more.

Since we mostly used the house on holidays and vacations, we did not prioritize eating together as a family on a regular basis. However, Reiko installed this fantastic banquet and with that decision, the whole focus of the house changed. We have two small children, 8 and 5, and we found ourselves suddenly sitting around the new table, eating together or spending time leisurely having a cup of coffee together. Reiko’s design breathed new life into the spirit of the house and into the spirit of my family.

Finally, she also did some work for my Dad in South Carolina, where he had just moved. And with that site, it’s the design aspect of it that I really notice. You can see how Reiko chose everything with care, to reflect my Dad’s personality. Like him, it’s a very pulled together look and in this way she’s really different than other designers with whom I’ve worked before. It’s not about just another pretty space. Reiko takes into account who is living there, their lifestyle, and how they can live both optimally and realistically, to get the most out of their individual life.

Reiko was diligent in respecting my Dad’s budget. She found him great things and yet stayed within his budget, which was important to him, and which must have been a challenge!

Reiko’s no bigger than a minute and quicker than a whip. She really wants your home to support and reflect your life, so that you always feel fantastic in your own space. Now we’re planning on her coming to Sweden to brighten our home here.

Erica Liljefors
Malmö, Sweden