Interior Design

In our experience, the most powerful application of Feng Shui is to fully integrate it into the design of a space. For every design project, we begin with an advanced Feng Shui analysis of the space to determine the optimal furniture layout, lighting, colors, materials, natural elements, as well as the Feng Shui of the people who will be living or working there. Then we create a master plan that incorporates these features into a cohesive, beautiful design. That is, in our opinion, the height of good Feng Shui.

The result is palpable. Imagine an environment that feels good the moment that you step through the door. You can exhale, your mind and body relax, and a peaceful feeling rises up. You are in a space that’s sole purpose is to support you, your needs, goals and dreams. Everything is in alignment, and is designed to improve your health, prosperity, relationships and overall happiness.

This is our intention with every space that we create. We invite you to take advantage of the powerful transformation that we can help you achieve in your home or office.