Feng Shui

For thousands of years, Chinese Feng Shui masters have studied natural and man-made environments to determine their impact on people. Knowing that the elements of nature and the stresses of society affect the quality of our lives in different ways, they learned how to create harmonious environments which, by their very design, attracted health, wealth and supportive relationships.

How does it work?

Feng Shui masters learned how to optimally balance environments through their deep understanding of the principles of nature. When nature is in balance, life flourishes. Therefore, Classical Feng Shui uses the five elements of nature – water, fire, earth, plants and metal – in varying forms and combinations to create a balanced, healthy environment. This is the essence of Feng Shui.

How can Feng Shui help me?

When we are in harmony with our environment, there is a natural sense of ease. Things seem to happen effortlessly. On the other hand, when we are out of balance, we often can’t quite get ahead, despite our best efforts.

By applying Feng Shui, the subtle energies of our work and living spaces support and promote our aspirations whether for greater abundance, health, romance and companionship or simply to re-ignite a renewed zest for life.

When is a good time to use Feng Shui?

When you are moving or renovating your home, starting or growing a business, experiencing health or sleep issues, wanting to get married, start a family, or simply feel you could use some extra support in reaching your goals, Reiko Feng Shui Design can help.

What makes Reiko Feng Shui unique?

Today, most Feng Shui books and speakers work with a “simplified” version of Feng Shui created for the western public. Unfortunately, this type of Feng Shui has a limited impact.

Reiko Feng Shui Design draws on the tradition of Classical Feng Shui, which uses mathematical combinations passed down over generations to determine the energy pattern of a home or office. Based on these calculations, Reiko is able to recommend the use of specific natural elements to balance and strengthen the space to best support you.

Reiko blends this ancient art form with sophisticated interior design to elevate your home or office environment to a place of beauty, inspiration and abundance.

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