How does a personal Feng Shui Consultation work?

We start by sending you our Feng Shui questionnaire in order to gather the relevant information regarding you, your goals, and your space. We also ask for a floor plan, if you have one.

We then meet and take a series of compass readings of the property and of the interior space. From this, Reiko does her advanced Flying Star calculations to determine the exact energy profile of your space. This is based upon the precise direction your building faces, the year it was built, and the current calendar year.

These calculations result in an energy “grid” that is then overlaid upon your space, showing the location of its specific strengths and weaknesses. Every space is unique.

Reiko will then offer specific suggestions for the best furniture layout, colors, materials, and natural elements to maximize the strong areas and remedy any weak spots.

In about a week, you will receive a written report with all of the recommendations. If you would like help in implementing our recommendations, we can arrange for that as well.