How does your online Feng Shui Consultation work?

Reiko Design has developed a sophisticated, proprietary Global Alignment Technology (GAT), which allows for pinpoint accuracy on Feng Shui readings, anywhere on the globe. This proprietary system utilizes multiple layers of software and satellite technology, and is so accurate that even when Reiko performs an onsite Feng Shui analysis, it is always cross-checked by a full GAT reading to insure precision.

We begin by sending you a questionnaire to gather basic information (including a simple floor plan and photos of the space, if available).

We then use our proprietary system to calculate the building’s exact Feng Shui compass orientation.

From this, we determine the energy of your space using our advanced Flying Star calculations, and create a detailed report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the space and/or building.

Finally, we give you specific, powerful recommendations for each area.  Our suggestions for the use of natural elements, colors, materials and furniture arrangement are all made to improve the overall energy and help you attain your specific goals.

In addition, we do a personal Feng Shui reading of each person living or working there, with specific suggestions for the best colors, elements, and positioning of furnishings. We make sure to determine the best orientation for their bed and/or desk.

Our report gives clear, easy-to-implement recommendations that, when followed, create real-life results.