How do your Interior Design Services work?

We begin each job with a Feng Shui reading of the space to be designed.

This tells us what colors, natural elements, materials and layout are needed to optimize the energy of that space, while neutralizing any weak spots.

We also work closely with you to determine your taste, needs and budget.

Then we create a Design Concept that seamlessly blends all we’ve learned into a design for a space that feels as good as it looks.

This Design Concept is then presented to you personally at a meeting where its vision is fully laid out. This includes floor plans, furnishing layouts, detailed elevation drawings, as well as all selected furniture, lighting, flooring, window treatments, and natural elements.

In addition, this presentation includes a detailed budget showing all of the recommended items’ pricing, so that you have a full picture of both design and cost.

Once you have given us your final approval, construction can begin.

We gather bids from a number of contractors, or use contractors with whom we already have an established relationship.  One benefit of using our contractors is that they give us preferential pricing, which we can pass on to you.  And they have been field tested to meet our high standards of quality and conduct.

We also secure for you all Department of Buildings permits and board approvals.  If needed, our in-house architect will create stamped drawings for the permit process.

Our hands-on project management service ensures that your job proceeds smoothly throughout the entire construction process, without any of the usual “dramas” so common to the course of renovations. The result is a process that is peaceful, enjoyable and relatively stress-free.