How do your Architectural Services work?

Like our other services, each project begins with a Feng Shui reading of the space or property in order to determine its innate energetic strengths and weaknesses.

Based on this information, Reiko works with our affiliated architect (or an architect of your choosing) on the design of the space to be built.

Starting with the exact placement and orientation of the building all the way through to its physical shape, materials, and layout, we create a space that is both practical and beautiful, while optimizing its energy.

From our first meeting throughout development of your design, we work with you closely to determine your taste, needs and budget.

Once you have given your final approval, construction can begin. We gather bids from several contractors or use contractors with whom we already have a relationship.  One benefit of using our preferred contractors is that they give us preferential pricing, which we can pass on.  And they have been field tested to meet our high standards of quality work and conduct.

We also secure and manage for you all Department of Buildings permits and board approvals.  If needed, our architect will create stamped drawings for the permit process.

Our hands-on project management service ensures that your job proceeds smoothly throughout the entire building process, without any of the usual “dramas” so common in the course of construction.  The result is a process that is peaceful, enjoyable and relatively stress-free.

The final result of all this is a building in harmony with its inhabitants and surroundings.  A place of beauty and power, custom-designed to your specific needs, as well as your goals, life-style and aspirations.

We consider a home built in this way to be a true “power-house,” for that’s what it is.