In addition to interior design, we can also construct new homes or buildings, or make major renovations to an existing structure. In cases where an architect or engineer’s stamp are required for permitting, we can call upon the services of a prize-winning Architect, with whom we have a close affiliation.

The Reiko Design team specializes in building incredibly powerful and beautiful spaces for living and working. The shape, size, and orientation of our new constructions use Feng Shui principles to maximize the energy in the property.

In cases of ground up construction or major renovation, our architect can create the appropriate documents for contractors, building boards, and local town municipalities. We ensure that your project has all the correct documentation for full permitting as well as clear direction to ensure that the builder can create the space precisely as designed.

Our architectural design service includes all phases from:

  1. Schematic Design: A first presentation of the project, often including site and floor plans, sections, elevations and other illustrations, plus overall dimension and a cost estimate
  2. Design Development: Takes step 1 further to include door and window details, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and material specifications
  3. Construction Document: This set of drawings includes all pertinent information required for the contractor to price and build the project
  4. Construction: Providing full guidance for the contractor to build the project accurately and successfully.